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Asset Management

Transaction Management

Asset Management

Ground Lease Managers structures the real estate assets both as direct and indirect investments in accordance with the investment guidelines of the investors.


As a competent service provider for modern ground lease management, Ground Lease Managers also takes on the administration of leasehold and lease agreements for municipalities, foundations, church organizations and other leaseholders.


Our leasehold administration service includes system-based data acquisition of contract and area data as well as ongoing administration. This includes accounts receivables management, controlling and reporting as well as advice on optimizing the value of the existing stock of lands. All services are individually adapted to the needs of our customers.

Transaction Management

In addition to Asset Management, Ground Lease Managers is further expanding the portfolios of its investors.


Ground Lease Managers conducts selective purchase negotiations and focuses on off-market and club deals that can also be set up as joint venture structures. This results in structured and audit-proof sales processes along with the corresponding purchase documentation.


The due diligence process is also carried out by Ground Lease Managers, i.e. the commercial purchase review, as well as the coordination and support of technical and legal reviews.

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